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Damsel in Defense

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Damsel in Defense

Shannon Martin, Independent Pro 18255

Equip, Empower, Educate

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We offer affordable and adorable personal protection options designed to Equip, Empower & Educate your family friends and co-workers on personal safety!  

Shannon Martin has worn many hats.  Wife, Mother, Realtor, Property Manager, Breeder of Champion Clydesdale Horses, Animal Rescuer and card carrying member of the NRA!  As a concealed carry permit holder and avid gun enthusiast I've talked with many women (and men for that matter) that just don't have the confidence to carry a lethal method of self defense.  Face it ladies, we all have that friend or relative that it would be down right scary to put a live weapon in their hands.  Damsel in Defense makes protecting yourself SAFE & AFFORDABLE!  I was introduced to Damsel in Defense at a recent gun show where my husband and I were looking for non-lethal methods of defense to send with our son who is leaving for college.  I think you will be just as excited about these products and how they can safely and effectively aid in protecting your loved one from the threats that surround us everyday.  Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays are just the tip of the iceberg.  Ask me today how Damsel in Defense products can 

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