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Southern Distinction, Southern Pride, Southern Elegance....Classic City Clydesdales!

About Us

Classic City Clydesdales is a family owned breeding facility just outside of Athens, GA owned by Mark and Shannon Martin along with their two sons Austin and Macon.   

We are committed to a long term stewardship of this noble breed.  All of our babies are hand raised with a firm belief that a "sound mind" is the key to long term placement and success.

Captain swimming on the farm.

We have a varitable zoo here at Classic City Farms, housing Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens,

Ossabaw Island Hogs, Sulcata & Russian Tortoises, Highland Cattle
Magnolia & Winston (shhh, don't tell them they aren't Clydesales.)

and our canine farm hands Jose, Izzy, Pedro, Lupin, Tino and Dom.  There is never a dull moment at Classic City Farms!