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Clydesdales For Sale

For Sale at Classic City 

There are over 40 head of registered Clydesdale horses at Classic City Clydesdales.  We take pride in the depth of pedigree that we have and most horses can be available.  If after looking through our site you see a horse that suits you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below is just a small listing of available horses.  If you have specific requirements or are searching for that "one in a million" riding or driving horse, give us a call.  We have horses of all ages an skill levels available that may not be listed here.

Here are just a few available Clydesdales: Date updated  3/16/2021

Classic City Captain's Paramore - 3yr old Solid Bay filly/mare out of Belleau WS Paige and by Zorra Highland Captain.  Breeder quality out of our 18h Wheel Mare "Pretty Paige!" This filly has it all; she has looks, brains and temperament to be a lovely mother, pleasure horse or riding mount.  She's been handled extensively as she was born here at Classic City Clydesdales. We have her priced at $8500 but that price will increase with training and experience.  

Classic City Peyton's Quincey Jones - Yearling Gelding - Dark Bay tremendous potential as a hitch horse.  Very heads up and spirited.  Will need a knowledgable draft home to unlock his true potential.  He has a big personality and should have some real size.  Priced at $6500 to increase with training and age. 

Classic City Peyton's Joan Jett - Yearling filly - Dark Bay with tremendous potential as a hitch mare.  Her mother Jade Gold Pride Lotbiniere drove competitively and I have no doubt this filly has real potential.  Will need a knowledgable draft home to unlock her true potential.  She is SPICEY! A true hitch man will appreciate her go! Priced at $6500 to increase with age and training.

Eddie Van Halen of Classic City - Yearling Gelding - Bay Sabino by Freedom Royal Majestic out of a Zorra Highland Captain Daughter.  Truly "in your pocket" young Gelding that will make a lovely riding/pleasure Gelding.  Big bodied Gelding with tons of hair and foot. $6500 to increase with age and training. 

Classic City Latch's Tom Petty - Bay Gelding w/ 4 white legs and a blaze.  Out of the 2015 National Champion Cart Mare Thomas' Trudy the Select and 2S Barnaby's Collossal Latch.  This young Gelding is the spitting image of his mother.  Will only consider a sale to a home where his true potential will be realized.  He has tons of quality and if he's half the horse his momma is he will no doubt be in the ribbons in your hitch/riding show classes.  We plan on letting him grow up slow and right and breaking him when he's ready.  $7500 to increase with age and training.  

Lynden Manor Lucie - 12yr old Broodmare - Bay 
One of the last David Clegghorn mares sold at his dispersal in 2012. She has produced a number of quality foals for us.  We are moving younger mares into the breeding shed so Lucie could be available to a lovely home where she will be cherished.  We have not broke her but will be working on getting her riding this Spring.  She's always been a broodmare for us.  She has a more modern build but still plenty of foot and that lovely silky hair we look for.  $6500

Classic City Latch's Liz Phair - Bay -2yr old filly out of Lynden Manor Lucie by 2S Barnaby's Colossal Latch. Dark hairs mixed in front foot.  Shown as a weanling.  Very in your pocket filly with potential to be an incredibly beautiful riding mare.  Equal potential to be a future breeding horse.  Incredible pedigree and just gets nicer as she grows.  $5500

Gor-dey Coral - Bay Sabino - 6yr old - Should be bred to 2S Barnaby's Colossal Latch for a 2022 foal. Had a big Sabino colt in 2020.  Coral is a Keynote daughter purchased at Dennis Gordeyko's dispersal sale.  Very sweet and willing and could make a lovely riding mare or broodmare.  We will be working on getting her broke after pregnancy confirmation 2021. Has ample size and foot to produce lovely foals (which she's already proven.) $10,500 bred

If you are looking for that special Clydesdale horse for hitch, halter or riding, give us a call.  Even if we don't have them listed, we may be hiding him or her here on the farm.  We welcome tours!