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Southern Distinction, Southern Pride, Southern Elegance....Classic City Clydesdales!

Clydesdales For Sale

For Sale at Classic City 

There are 40 head of registered Clydesdale horses at Classic City Clydesdales.  We take pride in the depth of pedigree that we have and most horses can be available.  If after looking through our site you see someone that suits you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below is just a small listing of available horses.  Farm tours are available by appointment.  Thank you.

I'll have photos of these horses soon:

Alamar Mary B- Exceptional Broodmare with a lot of show ring behind her.  Her most recent colt will be on our show string this year.  He's a lovely modern type colt that should hitch. Mary is being re-bred to Captain for 2018 $8500

Bailey's Annie Max -This is a lovely and very pretty dark bay mare that produced a very nice Gelding prospect for us this year.  We are reducing to 5 core broodmares and that is the only reason this mare is for sale.  She is lovely and reserved and warms up quickly when she trusts you.  She loves the ladies and can be a little iffy about loud guys.  I don't know her history as she was bought at sale.  She can be a little difficult about her hind legs, but she has come a long way.  She rides. $6500

Maverick's Rena of Classic City - Gorgeous Rachel of Little Giants daughter by Pinnacle's Maverick.  She is perfect bay with four white legs and looks almost identical to her mother.  She is started in harness and under saddle. We have used Rena on the farm for trail rides, but she is still green.  Would be a great prospect for dressage or even Western riding.  She has been driven as well.  She just needs finishing.  She had a beautiful filly for us this year.  Will sell as open.   Excellent broodmare or pleasure driver/rider. $9500

Lyndon Manor Lucie- In foal to Captain for 2018, easy Broodmare, modern type mare with ample foot and hair. She was one of Clegghorn's last mares that sold at dispersal.  She had a beautiful filly for us this year and is a consistent breeder.  Should be in foal to Latch at sale time.  $10,500

Lynway Manor Orma May - should be bred for 2018 by sale time.  Rides &  Drives but hasn't been in recent work. One of Clegghorn's last broodmares purchased at his dispersal sale.  $10,500

Anderson's Ophelia - Out of the exceptional show mare Exclusive Etta. She is a beautiful young filly with tons of breeding potential.  Has been started under saddle.  Very smart and willing.  $7500

Classic City BB Frankie Vallie - Lead Gelding prospect that has looks and motion. Frank is a farm favorite and is always one of the first to come up for attention.  He is ready to start and may be started by sale time.  He isnt a huge horse and would be a great riding prospect with incredible looks.  No doubt he will harness. $7500

Classic City BB Marky Mark - Mark has been kept back for a personal riding prospect but time just doesn't allow for a lot of projects.  He is a super friendly Gelding that will make a lovely "smaller" riding prospect.  He is currently just 15h at almost 5.  He is super smart and does it all.  He's had a saddle but has not been backed.  I love this guy.  He looks like a Blagdon Gypsy.  Get him now at a fraction of what he will sell for as a finished prospect.  He is out of Alamar Mary B and Bogton Barnaby.  He has beautiful easy solid feet and is an easy keeper.  He stands quietly, loves people and is always first to the gate for attention.  He is headed for trainer asap.  $5000

Classic City BB Roseanne Cash - Big, beautiful 2yr year old filly out of old stock prolific breeding Clydesdale mare family. Exceptional Broodmare prospect with huge feet and tons of silky hair. This mare should have size and body.  This filly could be sold as a package with Belleau W.S. Roulette.  They have the same dark front foot and pair really well.  They should be big mares and make a stupendous driving team. $8500  $15,000 as a team with Roulette

Classic City BB Ozzy Osbourne - This 2 yr old Bogton Barnaby son has excellent foot.  He is already Gelded.  He has a lovely headset and motion. A few dark hairs in front foot.  $5000

Classic City BB Rod Stewart - (left/bottom) Gorgeous perfect bay Barney son that could go any direction. He has a lovely long neck, solid bay coat and 4 white legs. He could make a lovely riding prospect.  He is super handsome and very willing to please.  He loves attention and handling.  He is an alpha in the pasture, but isn't mean.  Can be Gelded, but we've left him intact so far.  He is out of my Rachel mare and all her foals have tremendous bottoms, tons of hair and nice long necks.  $7500

Maplestone Lochy's Reflection: 3yr old Gelding out of Old Greenlaw Lochy.  Should be decent sized.  He is a real in your pocket type horse that loves attention and has a lovely willingness to please.  He was shown through to the last World Show and finished in the middle of the pack.  He is just an all around solid, lovely Gelding that would be awesome for a family with kids.  $5000


If you are looking for that special Clydesdale horse for hitch, halter or riding, give us a call.  Even if we don't have them listed, we may be hiding him or her here on the farm.  We welcome tours!