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Southern Distinction, Southern Pride, Southern Elegance....Classic City Clydesdales!


Teeny, our resident Grade Gelding was rescued by the GA Dept of Agriculture from a carriage impound in GA.  He was starved and had literally no foot left.  Two of his mates didn't make it.  After a year of dedication from the good folks at the department of Ag he bounced back and came to be with us.  He started it all again for Mark and I.  We know they can't all be show horses and breeding stock, but we love them all the same.  Teeny is a great pleasure gelding and he loves to ride the trails.  He also keeps the young ones in line for us.  They all have a story and his is long.  We recently found out that he was born in CN and only spoke French.  He was born "Barney" but he's our Teeny and we love him.

If you know of a Clydesdale or draft horse that is in a sticky situation and needs a place to land for love and support, please contact us.  Even if we don't have space at our farm, we will try to find a loving environment where the Draft can get the care they so desperately deserve.